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Captain ConversionA challenge for online travel companies is figuring out how to boost revenue in the most cost-effective way.  Online advertising – especially search advertising – is increasingly expensive.  And pouring in more money isn’t the answer, particularly when so many of those costly click-throughs don’t convert.  So the burning question is how do you generate more bookings in the most cost-effective way? 

The answer is conversion optimization.  You maximise the number of bookings and purchases from existing traffic by increasing your conversion rate.  In other words, you persuade more of your existing website visitors to convert into customers – without spending extra on advertising.

Here’s a simple example.  If a website has a conversion rate of 5%, then for every 1000 visitors 50 convert into paid customers.  Let’s say the company’s product costs $40.  The website generates $2000 for every thousand visitors.

Now the company manages to double its conversion rate to 10%.  For every 1000 visitors, it now converts 100 into paid customers.  And the revenue per thousand visitors doubles to $4000!  All this without having to spend extra on advertising.

So What Exactly is Conversion Optimization?

Conversion optimization is a mixed discipline of persuasion science, user experience and marketing.  It’s an evidence-based method, using research and A/B testing to find out what really works – what really persuades website visitors to sign up, subscribe, buy, book etc.  It doesn’t rely on opinions, guesswork and sixth sense.

Why Travel Websites?

Unlike Superman, Spiderman and Captain Planet (remember him?), Captain Conversion gets around more conventionally.  And he loves it!

Captain Conversion profileIn 2005 he travelled the world for a year, cruising around California, marvelling at New Zealand, basking on Fijian beaches, white water rafting and croc-dodging in OZ (while working as a web developer), enjoying Singapore Slings at Raffles, ruffing it in the jungles of Thailand, and side-stepping cyclists in Shanghai.

These days he travels to Europe mostly, spending time in places like Hungary, Spain, Cyprus and Sardinia.  You’ll find him exploring old towns, swimming in cool blue seas and stopping for a cold beer in backstreet cafes.

He’s passionate about travelling, and that’s why he specialises in conversion optimization for travel websites.

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“Captain Conversion produced a highly professional and insightful report for us after conducting user-testing on our site. The conclusions were clearly articulated and have had a critical impact on the direction of our business and development of our software product. Highly recommended.”
- Jamie Andrews, Loco2

“We love to work with Captain Conversion. They have done a good job advising us on how to improve our user interface, or fix some usability issues. It was a real pleasure to work with them”
- Josh Liu, Minutebox

“Captain Conversion have executed some challenging issues. Their work has been impeccable and delivered in a timely manner. We have been very pleased to work with them and hope that this relationship will continue.”
- Essi Niittymaki, UCL Advances

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“I just read your free guide - great stuff”
- Jamie Andrews, Managing Director, Loco2
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