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Use Orange to Influence Trip Bookers into Action

Consumers are influenced to take action by more than how much something appears to benefit them.  There are psychological factors at play too.  And one of the most influential is colour, according to research.  In this transmission you’ll find out that orange creates a sense of action, and that top travel sites use it to […]

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How to Beat Competitor Travel Sites

How do you get an edge over your competitors?  How do you make your site better than theirs so more people book with you?  It’s a continual challenge for travel booking sites facing abundant competition, and visitors who ditch one site for another in a click.  This transmission shows you how to find opportunities to […]

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What the Top 10 Travel Sites in Europe Are Doing Right got 31.4 million unique visitors in one month this year, making it the top travel website in Europe – based on traffic.  In second place was TripAdvisor with 25.7 million visitors.  And in third position was Odigeo, a travel group that runs sites like, with 14.1 million.  This transmission shows you what the […]

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3 Travel Sites Using A/B Testing to Boost Bookings

A/B split-testing is an integral part of conversion optimization.  It shows you what really works – what really generates more bookings.  And it gives you insights from winning changes to make further improvements.  No more expensive guesswork.  This article reveals 3 travel websites using A/B testing to boost bookings. I can’t easily tell you what […]

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Establish Trust with Visitors to Get Confident Conversions

Greetings Converteer, Captain Conversion reporting. In this transmission I’ll show you the importance of trust in conversion optimization – how website visitors need trust indicators to overcome their fears of taking action. And I’ll show you how successful travel sites establish trust to get bookings. Finally, I’ll tell you how to add trust indicators to […]

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How 3 Travel Companies Boosted Bookings with Conversion Optimization

Getting more bookings is a constant challenge for online travel companies.  They’re continually looking for what works, aiming to convert more visitors into customers.  And they’re going about it in two ways: guesswork or research.  These three companies found out what works using conversion optimization methods. – $12 Million Extra Profit Conversion Optimization method: […]

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