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Get Visitors to Like You So They’ll Buy from You

Come in Converteer…this is Captain Conversion. Persuading people to sign up, subscribe, buy or book on your website is tough. But there are proven ways to do it. I call them Conversion Powers. In this transmission you’ll see how top websites get visitors to like them, knowing people prefer saying yes to those they like. […]

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Use Consistency to Make Visitors Feel Obligated to Convert

Greetings Converteer, Captain Conversion reporting. In this transmission you’ll learn how people feel obligated to act consistently with things they’ve committed to. And you’ll see how small commitments lead to much bigger commitments – i.e. conversions. You’ll discover how successful websites use commitment and consistency power to get more conversions. And you’ll learn how to […]

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Create Scarcity to Make Visitors Sign Up, Buy or Book Now

Captain Conversion to Converteer…come in Converteer. You’re about to learn a tried and tested method for getting more website visitors to convert without hesitation. It’s based on a psychological principle, one that explains why concert tickets double in price after official channels close, and why people snap up hotel rooms. Here’s how successful websites use […]

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Exert Authority to Get Visitors Following Your Orders

Captain Conversion to Converteer…do you read me?  In this transmission I’m reporting on a conversion power so strong it convinced a group of unsuspecting research participants to administer electric shocks to others, despite increasing cries of pain and pleas to stop.  Successful websites also use this persuasion power to electrifying effect, commanding more visitors to […]

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