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Fattal Hotels homepageCaptain Conversion ran a customer feedback study on  The aim was to get insights into what works and what doesn’t.  This post reveals some of the feedback people gave on Fattal Hotel’s homepage (including video clips).

Firstly, well done to Fattal Hotels

You requested free customer feedback from Captain Conversion.  So we gathered video feedback on your homepage and search & booking pages.  Hope you find the insights useful.

What works on the homepage

People liked the overall design and feel of the site

Watch a video clip of what one person said:

Here’s what others said…

Fattal Hotels homepage

The design is pleasant – gives me nice pictures, seems pretty easy to figure out what’s going on.

Overall the site was very easy to use.  I found it was a little less cluttered than what I’m used to – I use something like Orbitz or Expedia.  I get the feeling there’s much more stuff flashing in my face.  But here it was quite clean and precise.

People liked the colour scheme, the relaxing vacation pictures and the clean design.  They weren’t put off by anything.  The site appeared to do a good job of getting people interested in what Fattal offers, which is crucial to keeping them on the site.

People understood from the outset what Fattal has to offer

Fattal Hotels homepage

The first thing that comes to mind is it’s for vacations.  Because when I see a beach, I think of vacations.

It looks like it’s family-oriented – for tourists.  It doesn’t look like it’s for business.

It really looks like it’s for anybody who really wants to find a nice hotel.  Not necessarily that it’s expensive, but nice.

People realised Fattal was offering hotels.  And the pictures of beaches, sunsets and sea showed them Fattal Hotels is for vacations – not business.

Pictures are a very effective way of communicating what you offer.  They get the message across far quicker than descriptions, which web visitors often don’t read properly.  People noticed the images on Fattal’s homepage first – and used them to figure out what the company offers – before reading the text in those images.

Opportunities for improvement on the homepage

One person would have liked a section on activities to do in Israel

Watch a video clip of what one person said:

I can clearly see activities in the pictures.  But I’m not sure how the hotels relate to those activities – things to do in my travels.  And I can actually book hotels around those activities.

As this person points out, you can find out about the hotels.  But there doesn’t appear to be anything on activities in the regions: sights, sports, things to do etc.  Having this information would help people decide which region and hotel to stay in.  It would answer the question ‘why stay in Tel Aviv?’, for example.

It would be a good idea to create destination guides on the Fattal site, giving people more information on the regions.  You can then list the Fattal hotels in each region, making it easy for people to choose one once they’ve decided where to stay.

Here’s a good example on the Thomson holidays website.

One person didn’t understand what ‘Choose your perfect vacation’ would do

Fattal Hotels homepage‘Choose your perfect vacation’ – not sure what that means?  Does that mean it’s an all-inclusive trip?  It’s not really clear.

This is a missed opportunity.  Clicking this link takes you to hotels based on the type of trip you want e.g. ‘Hotels on the beach’.  It makes choosing the right hotel easier.  But the whole section is wasted if people don’t understand what the button means and don’t click through.

The first thing to do is make this section of the site more visible and accessible.  Instead of having a single button here, why not display the category links from the next page?  That would clarify things.  So have links to ‘Hotels on the beach’, ‘Spa hotels’, and ‘Romantic hotels’ right there on the homepage – like Thomson:

Thomson holiday types menu

Another thing to do is add these categories to the top navigation.  Add a drop-down menu alongside ‘Our Hotels’ and ‘Our Brands’ for ‘Browse by Hotel Type’.  When visitors click it, show the categories again: ‘Hotels on the Beach’ etc.

Make it as easy as possible for people to find the right Fattal hotel.

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