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Fattal Hotels search resultsCaptain Conversion ran a customer feedback study on  The aim was to get insights into what works and what doesn’t.  This post reveals some of the feedback people gave on Fattal Hotel’s search and booking pages (including video clips).

Firstly, well done to Fattal Hotels

You requested free customer feedback from Captain Conversion.  So we gathered video feedback on your homepage and search & booking pages.  Hope you find the insights useful.

What works in search and booking

People didn’t have any major problems filling in the guest and payment details

Watch a video clip of what one person said:

Here’s what others said…

Fattal Hotels booking form

I was able to read everything clearly and get through it.  And it felt simple.

It seems easy.  I had to go down and over, but everything seemed really compact and fairly easy to get through.

It seemed to be fairly straightforward, and I liked it.

No one had any major difficulties on these forms.  This is the last key step in getting a booking, so it’s essential visitors don’t encounter problems here.  There were a couple of minor issues, which we cover later.  But overall, completing the forms on this page wasn’t a problem.

People liked being able to book now and pay at the hotel

Watch a video clip of what one person said:

Here’s what others said…

Fattal Hotels book with confidence

‘Book now, pay later’ – ok, well that sounds good.

This is actually quite nice that I’m just doing a reservation; I’m not actually paying yet.

When I book a hotel usually, sometimes I just use the credit card to hold it.  So this is good.

From our past studies, being able to book now and pay at the hotel is very appealing.  It feels less risky, as you’re not parting with your money until you’ve seen the hotel first-hand.  And you get to hold onto it longer.

Opportunities for improvement in search and booking

People weren’t satisfied with the hotel pictures

Watch a video clip of what one person said:

Pictures are essential to the booking decision.  People use them to decide which hotel to book.  So it’s essential to make sure there are enough good quality images.  And that those images are easily accessible.

This participant’s comments demonstrate the importance of pictures:

“Let’s look at some more pictures.  That’s what [the booking decision] is really going to come down to.”

He’s saying the booking decision is based largely on pictures.  You can’t underestimate the importance of pictures in booking hotels.

A particular issue people had was the lack of room pictures.  One user expected to see more pictures of a Superior Room when he clicked the link saying ‘More pictures’.  But then it just showed him one picture – the same one he’d seen in the thumbnail image.

“I guess that’s the only picture – oh well.  It would be nice to have some other pictures [of the room], that’s for sure.”

Someone else made a similar comment:

“It didn’t have a whole lot of pictures, and I missed that.  So in those terms, it was lacking some important information.”

The first thing to do is provide more room pictures.  Maybe offer a 360 degree tour, or video, as well.  Give people a full sense of what the room is like.  Don’t leave them unsatisfied; they simply won’t book.

The other thing to do is make pictures more accessible.  While users didn’t have a problem clicking the ‘More pictures’ button, you could make it easier by following a technique used by sites like hotel pictures shows more pictures as thumbnails underneath the main image, rather than having a ‘More pictures’ button.  This way people can simply hover over images to enlarge them.  It makes the whole task easier.

And given the importance of pictures in the booking decision, anything you can do to make them as detailed and accessible as possible is worthwhile.

Someone wanted to see ratings and reviews

“Is there any place to get ratings and reviews?  Some kind of link to Trip Advisor?  Something like that would be nice.”

“Customer reviews would be great.”

“It seemed to be missing ratings and reviews.”

Going on vacation is a significant activity and purchase.  And booking the right hotel is a key part of that.  No one wants to end up somewhere unsuitable.

So to minimise risk, people look for unbiased advice from others.  Reviews make the booking decision easier by sharing what previous customers think.

So I would recommend integrating reviews or customer testimonials into the Fattal site.  Ask guests for feedback when they check out, for example.  And then display comments on the hotel details pages.  Or integrate reviews from a site like Trip Advisor.

Get all 35 insights from this study

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Customer Feedback Package

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