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0 Flares 0 Flares × homepageCaptain Conversion ran a customer feedback study on  The aim was to get insights into what works and what doesn’t.  This post reveals some of the feedback people gave on Loco2′s homepage, including video clips.

Firstly, well done to Loco2

You were the first company to request free customer feedback from Captain Conversion.  So we got straight onto it, gathering video feedback on your homepage and search results – as you requested.  Hope you find the homepage feedback here useful.

Right, on with the insights…

What works on the homepage

First impressions of the site were positive

Watch a video clip of what one person said:

Here’s what others said: homepage

“In terms of the design and layout, it looks credible.  It looks trustworthy and professional.”

“There’s a train there; that’s good.  I think it’s always good to say what you do in a visual way.”

“It does look trustworthy; I probably wouldn’t have any problems or worries about using it.”

It’s essential that visitors aren’t put off from the outset.  Any objections to the overall look and feel can be enough to make people leave and bounce off to a competitor.  The homepage appeared to overcome this hurdle.  People reacted positively to it.

People felt very reassured by the Trust Pilot integration

Watch a video clip of what one person said:

Here’s what others said: Trust Pilot

“The fact that they’re number 1 in Trust Pilot obviously gives me a lot more confidence.”

“That would make me think ‘yeah I can trust this service; I can use this service’.”

The Trust Pilot integration was so persuasive for one person, he said he’d consider using Loco2 over the competition – even if Loco2 was slightly more expensive – because of its #1 rating.

“Even if it was slightly more than some of the competition, I’d probably still consider using Loco2 because of its rating; it’s got a really good reputation.  And I know I’m going to get a good service.”

Opportunities for improvement on the homepage

One person felt strongly the site should show payment card icons for reassurance

Watch a video clip of what she said:

Adding payment card icons is a straightforward change to implement.  And, assuming others have the same objection, it could make a significant difference to searches and bookings.

The same person wanted to see contact details at the bottom of the page

Adding the company address, and possibly phone number, to the footer is an easy change to make.  And the extra trust it establishes could convince more people to stay and search.

Get all 30 feedback insights from this study

Download the Loco2 Feedback Package (includes reports and full videos), and discover all 30 customer insights we gathered in this study – for both the homepage and search & booking process.  Find out what works in these areas, and where all the opportunities for improvement are. The Loco2 Feedback Package contains: Feedback Report

  • Homepage Customer Feedback Report (PDF)
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  • Post-video questionnaire results (Excel)
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