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Loco2 search resultsCaptain Conversion ran a customer feedback study on  The aim was to get insights into what works and what doesn’t.  We shared customer feedback on the homepage.  Now we’ll reveal some of the feedback on Loco2’s search and booking process.

Firstly, well done to Loco2

You were the first company to request free customer feedback from Captain Conversion.  So we got straight onto it, gathering video feedback on your homepage and search results – as you requested.  Hope you find the search & booking feedback useful.

Right, on with the insights…

What works in search and booking

People liked the layout of search results

Loco2 search result

“I like the layout of this page definitely.”

“That’s quite good; that’s what I look for.  The first thing I’m interested in is the times.”

“I can see the price as well; the price is quite clear.”

“I’m not very good with maps.  But if you can see it in an image, that makes me understand it a lot more.”

Users could see all the important information at a glance, such as times, changes, duration and price.  They also liked the mini-map showing the route visually.  It helped them understand the route better.

People liked the carbon calculator

Loco2 carbon calculator“We’ve also got the carbon calculator.  I wasn’t expecting to see that feature, but it’s a nice addition to have on the site.”

“I’m a bit of an eco girl, so I like that.”

“You can see whether it’s more environmentally-friendly than flying, for example.”

The carbon calculator was an unexpected feature, and one that gave Loco2 an element of originality and uniqueness.

Like the reasons for using Loco2 on the homepage, visitors want to feel they’re booking with the right company.  Unexpected little features, like the carbon calculator, are a statement about what Loco2 stands for – cleaner travel.  So customers who share this ethos are likely to be attracted to Loco2 over a generic competitor.

Opportunities for improvement in search and booking

Someone was confused about missing age groups for certain passenger types

Loco2 passenger age groups

“This is good, because they’ve actually got the ages on there.  But it doesn’t emphasise what a youth is.  And it doesn’t say what a child is.  I’d probably have the years put in there as well – because that’s obviously not clear.”

“The year thing was the most confusing thing for me [on the search form].”

“A youth can be different things to different people.”

Specifying age groups for passenger types is very useful.  People can choose the correct option with confidence, knowing exactly which passenger type they are.  Unless there’s good reason not to, include age groups for youth and child passengers too.

One person wasn’t sure how to select different ticket options

Loco2 search results

“Ok, so how do I choose it?”

Because the price field is also the button for selecting a ticket, one user got confused.  They didn’t realise the price was a button – especially because it has a downward arrow on it, making it look more like a dropdown menu than a button.

To combat the problem, try including a separate ‘Select’ button in each result and making the price field normal text.  Test the new version against the current version to see which generates more click-throughs to the next step.

Get all 30 feedback insights from this study

Download the Loco2 Feedback Package (includes reports and full videos), and discover all 30 customer insights we gathered in this study – for both the homepage and search & booking process.  Find out what works in these areas, and where all the opportunities for improvement are. The Loco2 Feedback Package contains: Feedback Report

  • Homepage Customer Feedback Report (PDF)
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  • Post-video questionnaire results (Excel)
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