Online Travel Bookers Convinced by Cashback

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Trust, usability and choice are all ways of influencing people to book on your travel site.  But for some, the decision is made before they land on a site.  They decide where to book based on cashback incentives.  Let’s get into the mind of one customer who makes his mind up this way.

MikeMeet Mike Harris

Mike books flights, hotels and holidays online.  Over the years he’s used many different sites.  And he doesn’t have a favourite.  He’s interested in getting best value for money.  So he goes wherever that objective takes him.

In the last couple of years he’s signed up to cashback sites like TopCashBack and Quidco.  They pay him for shopping on particular sites, providing he visits their site first and follows the referral link – which is easy to do.

Now he decides where to book travel based on cashback participation.  He knows there’s an overwhelming number of places to go, so why not start somewhere that rewards you for booking?

That [cashback] will push me towards using a particular booking company.  Why wouldn’t it?

Cashback is totally in line with his goal: getting best value for money.  So with hundreds of sites out there, it makes sense to start on one that fulfils it from the outset.

Looking at his last travel booking, he says:

It was, and that [cashback] is why I used them

He went to, looked at the travel sites participating, and clicked through to  The deal they were offering seemed best.

Is there more to cashback than money?

Yes, the psychological benefit; the emotional benefit; the feeling of achievement and satisfaction from being paid to shop.  It all makes cashback more compelling.

Plus there’s the convenience factor.  With cashback you’re free to shop on the participating site, knowing you’ll be rewarded automatically after checkout.  It requires minimum effort.  You don’t have to shop around different sites looking for discounts and offers when you arrive.

With cashback, the deal is done before you’ve begun.

So that’s an insight into convincing people with cashback.  Having great choice and user experience on a trusted site does nothing to persuade people who never arrive.  They’ve gone to another site where they get automatic rewards, and satisfaction, from cashback.  But now you know, you can come up with similar ways to win them over.

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