Romantic Travel Bookers Badly Want to Impress their Partner

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Travelling coupleBased on interviews with people booking romantic trips, one of the key things is impressing the partner.  I can confirm this, having booked many city breaks and holidays with my girlfriend.  The thing I’m worried most about is picking a destination or hotel that doesn’t have the buzz, character and things we want, leaving her disappointed with the choice. Travel websites can capitalise on this insight though.

Failing to impress

If I get it wrong – especially more than once – I’ll look incapable of finding somewhere nice, no matter what excuses I have: ‘Well, it got good reviews’, ‘The location looked ok on the map’, ‘It said there were plenty of nice restaurants and bars’.

She’ll feel like she has to find somewhere in future.  And I don’t want that.  I took on the task of booking a romantic holiday, and I want to prove I’m up to it.  I don’t want her to feel she has to take responsibility for all future trips.

Other couples I’ve interviewed agree:

Yeah, finding somewhere with all the stuff you both want is key.  You really want the other person to love it.  You’ll be in their good books.

True.  You always want to impress the other person.  Finding somewhere impressive proves you’re up to the task, and means you’re likely to have a great time.

Implications for travel sites

Knowing that romantic trip bookers are keen to impress their partner is good intelligence.  The obvious way to apply it is to marketing campaigns and material on your website:

‘Impress the socks off her this Valentine’s Day with a romantic break in Venice’

Or how about articles to attract romantic bookers to your site:

‘Top 10 Romantic Cities in Europe Guaranteed to Impress Her’

You then integrate flight and hotel links into the content, keeping people on your site to book.

What you’ve done is apply an evidence-based customer insight to a marketing campaign.  And that’s what it’s about: knowing exactly who your different customers are and what they want – what pushes their button, what persuades them to book.

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