When People Pay More for Cheap Flights

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Senior paying on laptopHoliday websites can’t always show people the exact airline operating a particular flight.  So they show a generic ‘unspecified airline’ logo instead.  It’s because airport slots are constantly being negotiated.  So when someone searches for a holiday well in advance, all the booking site knows is that a slot exists on a certain date and time.  But they don’t know which airline will fulfil it.  Understandably, consumers like to know which airline they’re flying with there and then.  And it causes some people to pay more for peace of mind.

Here’s what one travel booker said about unspecified airline flights:

Unfixed flights

I wouldn’t go with that.  I would tend to pay a little more and know who I’m going with

I understand the mentality.  In fact, I’ve done the same thing.  I’ve seen cheaper flights with generic ‘Low cost airline’ logos.  And I’ve gone and booked a more expensive option where I know the airline I’m flying with.

Why?  Because we don’t like uncertainty, especially when we’re buying something substantial like a holiday.  We can’t afford to make mistakes.  And we don’t want to worry about whether an airline will indeed fulfil an unfixed flight slot.

We think ‘what if no airline takes it?’  Then they might change our flight times, or worse, our travel dates.  And we definitely don’t want that.  So why not pay a little extra for peace of mind?

Of course, there are people who don’t have these hang ups.  They’re happy to take unfixed flights and assume everything will be ok.  They’re probably not too bothered about which airline it is either.

Whereas other people have strong preferences.  They like certain low cost airlines much more than others.  And it’s another reason to pay more for peace of mind.

So that’s an insight into people’s mentality when it comes to seeing unspecified airlines in flight options.  Some people will pay extra to know exactly which airline it is – one they prefer, one that is fixed to the flight time they’ve chosen.

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