Think People Visiting Your Travel Site Are Patient and Persevering? Think Again

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Frustrated guyWhen visitors land on your website, you have a matter of seconds to persuade them to stay.  Jakob Nielsen reports that people leave in 10-20 seconds if a site doesn’t immediately look worthwhile.  Things like a strong value proposition and relevant content can overcome abandonment and get people looking around.  But that’s only the first hurdle.  Visitors maintain their low patience thresholds throughout.  And seemingly minor objections can send them off to competitor sites.

If I can’t find what I want, I’m going to give up and go somewhere else.

A participant in one of our user research studies puts it that bluntly, summing up visitors’ attitudes on websites: If I can’t find what I want, I’m off.

They’re not interested in your website

They’re interested in travel.  They’re interested in great holidays with friends and family.  They’re interested in sipping cocktails by the beach, seeing new things, sunsets and sea.

They don’t care about your website per se.  They don’t care about the underlying technology.  They care about finding what they want and booking it.  Easily.

When another participant in our studies experienced a frustrating problem, we asked him what he’d do next:

I’d go to another site obviously where it was easier to use.

Give customers what they want

They want to find and book trips easily; then they want to look forward to them.  So make your site easy to use.  And get people to the looking-forward stage as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

Research your customers; find out what interferes with their booking experience; and fix it.  Don’t make them ‘give up and go somewhere else’.

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